Alternatives To Traditional Funerals on The Rise in 2019

Questions that will guide you prepare for a life celebration event

The death of a loved one is a very difficult happening in one’s life.  Funeral ceremony for the deceased makes the situation unbearable as it is dominated by sadness. On the other hand, instead of crying, you can decide to have a celebration of life for your loved one. You can offer amazing tribute to the deceased person if you can have a life celebration ceremony. The celebration of life event should be unique and be personalized as possible. In order to organize for a successful celebration of life event, there are dos and don’ts that must be observed. In this article we evaluate the main questions that should guide you as you prepare for the occasion.

  • Who is the celebration for?-This event is typically meant to offer the family an opportunity to heal and bid bye to their loved one. The event is not for the death because they are no longer there.
  • Where will be the venue?-when organizing for this event you can either decide to have it indoor or outdoor. There are various Vancouver celebration of life venue indoor venues like halls, funeral homes and private homes. The outdoor venues are like parks, gardens and open fields. What will guide you choose the venue is the number of visitors you expect and whether your loved one was a public figure or not.
  • Who will be invited?-The approximate number of visitors will help you figure out the venue, the date and time and how the celebration will be conducted.
  • When will be the event?-You need to select an appropriate time and date for the event that will be convenient for those who are invited. Most people prefer weekends because of enough time for travelling.
  • Who will conduct the event?-This depends on how the family will view it. If the deceased was a religious person, you may appoint your local pastor to conduct the event. On the other hand, there are families that wish that the event should be conducted by a non-religious person.
  • Who will be the speakers at the event?-You can choose various speakers based on various considerations. Ideally, the speakers must have known the deceased well and shared a lot. This would be like workmates, close relatives and friends. The speakers should have something important to share about the deceased person.
  • What are appropriate group activities?-You need to think about what your loved used to like and share it together as a group. This will create laughter, joy and even tears.
  • What food and refreshers should be offered?-This usually is based on the main theme of your life celebration event food services You can also serve the foods that your deceased member used to like.

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Tips to avoid long term disability insurance problems

When one gets an insurance policy they assume that all is taken care of and their claim process will go through swiftly and the compensation and benefits deserved awarded. This is usually not the case in many situations. Insurance companies are businesses and want to make profits therefore they might not always want to pay the benefits as they should so that they can maximize profits. It is therefore common for insurance companies to usually snowmobile lawyer deny a claim made the first time and give the chance for an appeal. To ensure that you do not run into problems with a long term disability insurance claim are some tips to help.

Keep abreast with long term insurance law – ensure that you keep yourself informed of the long term insurance Cantini Law from Fredericton, NB that work in your jurisdiction. Some states might have different ways of doing things but the basics remain the same. Also, being knowledgeable means that you know what to do when the injury occurs and know how to file a claim and what you expect. This knowledge is important because it will help you get through the tough claiming period.

Know how much of your income will be deducted – you need to know the percentage of the income that will go to paying the premium for the policy. This is important because you do not want to start a policy that you are unable to maintain. Usually the premiums will take one to three percent of the income you get. This is calculated based on various factors.

How much of the income is covered – this is also very important to know before you commit to paying for the policy. This determines how much money you will be receiving as benefits for your disability. Usually this is from about 50% to 75% of the income that you get. With this knowledge you know how much to expect.

Premium payment methods – there are many ways in which premium can be paid and it is best to choose a long term kind of payment so that you save on having to Justice process cheques every month. Most insurance companies will allow their customers to pay annually, semi-annually and even quarterly. Choose a plan that best suits you. Also there are some companies now that will allow you to pay online using your credit card instead of having to write a cheque.

Waiting periods – most of the policies have a waiting period before the benefits can start coming in. Know the waiting period that the policy has so that there is no gap between the short term disability benefits and the long term disability benefits. This ensures that there are no months in between there when you have no source of income and a means to pay the bills.